Friday, March 20, 2015

Gressa Skin: Part Two

gressa minimalist serum foundation, gressa minimalist illuminating serum, gressa contour bronzing serum

You might recall that Monday's post featured a few skincare goodies from the incredible brand Gressa Skin. Today I want to focus on a few pieces of makeup from the brand, but I feel I should make a clarification first. With Gressa every item, including makeup, is skincare. With all-natural ingredients, essential oils and skin-loving gems in every product, Gressa is one of those revolutionary beauty brands that weaves the benefits of skincare into every single product. 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out three makeup products from the brand: their Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation*, Gressa Minimalist Illuminating Serum* and Gressa Contouring Serum Bronzer*. Each of these serums are incredibly unique, with lightweight consistencies that truly melt into your skin. That said, they also pack quite the punch, each being quite pigmented.

I should start with the foundation, which is not only a stand out for the brand but a stand out foundation as a whole. Never before have I found a foundation that manages to cover so much while managing to look so natural. I'd place it as a solid medium coverage foundation, with the ability to be built up to a full coverage. With its serum-type consistency, it truly does sink right into the skin, leaving behind your skin but better. In fact, with some of the active skincare ingredients this contains, I've found that my skin feels even better after wiping off my makeup. For reference, I've been using the shade 2 which is perfect for my pale, neutral toned skin.

The Illuminating Serum is one that has been giving my beloved RMS Living Luminizer a run for its money for a favorite highlighter. While this one looks more purple/pink toned, when blended it it leaves behind a beautiful sheen that looks lovely on the cheekbones or any other areas of the face you might want to add a bit of luminosity to. It takes so little of this product to get the job done, but adds just the perfect amount of dewy glow that you all know I love.

Finally there's the Serum Bronzer - while I'm not normally a bronzing kinda gal, I'll admit this guy has me very intrigued. It looks crazy dark before its blended, but rest assured it sheers out to a natural looking sunkissed bronze. Currently my skin is so uber-pale that any form of bronzer looks a bit silly on me, but I am incredibly excited to have this particular bronzer around for the summertime. Like the other two products, it quickly absorbs into the skin leaving behind a beautiful glow. I truly cannot wait to give this a go once the weather warms up a bit and think it will provide the perfect amount of color to achieve that coveted bronze-y glow.

Have you guys tried out any Gressa Skin products? I'd love to hear any favorites!


  1. Great post!! I never tried this product before but I might check this out :)

  2. The foundation is truly what caught my eye from this brand. The only issue for me is color selection.


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