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Courtesy of Sweden

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I'm a self-confessed beauty addict, so I'm always clamoring to try the newest, latest thing on the market. I've tried out tons of different brands - occassionally with less than stellar results. It's become all too common to me that a brand will have a standout product that I love, but when I try more from the line I'm left completely unimpressed. To this day there have only been a handful of lines that I've found to be consistently impressive across the board, and I've been lucky enough to discover two of them in the past few months.

Other than my undying love for the skincare brand Verso and the haircare brand Sachajuan, I've noticed a few other similarities that I thought were worth noting. First off, they each have minimalist, simple packaging that I'm more than a little obsessed with. I always have these guys on display because I'm a dork and they make me happy (yes, I need a life). But the more important, and interesting, similarity I found was that they each hailed from the country of Sweden. Now, it should have come as no surprise to me that the land of the stunningly gorgeous know how to make some quality beauty products. I've always thought of Sweden as a place with natural, stunningly gorgeous people who don't wear a ton of product - so I've imagined they put some emphasis on taking care of your skin and hair. (Editor's Note: It should be noted that I have never traveled to Europe, so my perception of the countries borders on ethereal.)

I know I've talked about many of these products over the past few months but I figured I'd share a little brand summary to give you my thoughts on some of these Swedish products I've tried and loved, and which of them I'd recommend most.


The Story: The brand was started by Lars Fredriksson (one of the co-creators of Restylane) who had the idea of making a skincare brand that was minimalistic and simple, both aesthetically and in practice. He focused heavily on the formulation of his products, even helping to create the main ingredient in the line, the super-powerful (yet super-gentle) Retinol-8. Fredricksson's line focuses on effectiveness and simplicity - each and every product has a specific purpose and even is numbered in the order of recommended application.

Products I've Tried (and Loved): Verso Night Cream*, Verso Foaming Cleanser, Verso Super Facial Serum, Verso Super Eye Serum 

The Stand Out: It's honestly difficult to choose just one product from Verso as a standout. I have been blown away by the results of each and every product I've tried from the line, and I would genuinely recommend each and every one to someone looking to up their skincare routine. That said, if I had to choose, I'd have to go with the product that introduced me to the line - the Verso Super Eye Serum. I've written extensively about this guy (just click on the Verso tag under labels and you'll see my constant and obnoxious raving) but it bears repeating because it is the best treatment out there for under eye problems. As someone with hereditary super dark circles I had kind of given up hope that there was anything that could even put a dent in them. I always used eye cream, but honestly my skin was crepe-y and just plain tired looking no matter what I used. After just a few weeks with this serum the skin around my eyes has never looked better. I sincerely regret not taking a before and after picture, because the change has been drastic. The darkness has been severely reduced so that I can get away with wearing a light concealer, but more importantly all the crepe-y looking fine lines and dry skin are gone so that I no longer look like the Crypt Keeper. This product is a game changer, ladies and gents, and I can honestly recommend it from the bottom of my heart. 


The Story: In 1997 Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind, two renowned Swedish hairdressers, opened up Sachajuan Salon in Stockholm. The salon was met with much acclaim, opening up in a former art gallery from the '60s that really exemplified the brand's modernness. A few years later in 2004, the duo began making their own hair products which blew up in popularity. The rest is history, and now the brand is known worldwide for making some of the best hair care products money can buy.

Products I've Tried (and Loved): Sachajuan Hair Repair, Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo, Sachajuan Volume Cream*, Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume*, Sachajuan Normal Hair Shampoo

The Stand Out: Similiarly to Verso, I'm having an absurdly hard time picking a favorite here. If I were to choose one of their products based on effectiveness, I'm tempted to pick their Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo, a formula that completely transformed my formerly irritable scalp. But instead I've gotta go with a product that's just as effective yet also like nothing I've ever used before - the Sachajuan Hair Repair. This treatment is best used weekly to strengthen and de-stress hair (yes, hair can get stressed too, people). I usually slather it on once a week, leaving it in my hair for five to ten minutes before washing it out. Without fail my hair always seems softer, stronger, healthier, and did I mention more soft? Plus, as an added bonus, the product uses Sachajuan's signature scent which I can only describe as the most heavenly scent on Earth. So, yes, if you couldn't tell, I'm a little bit in love with guy. While I adore each and every product I've tried, there's a reason this one is a bestseller - it leaves your hair in better condition than you even thought possible.

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