Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Favorites

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For me, January has always been the month when I try and get my body to forgive me after weeks of holiday binging. This year in particular, I've found my skin to be dry, temperamental and all around obnoxious. Because of that, my monthly favorites are very heavy on the skincare and a little lighter on the makeup than usual. These are the products I've been reaching for on a daily basis and the ones that have brought me out of my month-long skin funk.

With my skin feeling (and looking) like crap, I've really turned to some basic products that I know will get the job done. Often I turn to the skincare with all the bells and whistles - anti-aging, hydrating, cleansing, etc. But this month I've really enjoyed some more basic formulas, ones that I know won't irritate my currently sensitive skin. Two such favorites have been the Glossier Priming Moisturizer* and the Glossier Balm Dotcom*. Look out for a more comprehensive review of these two gems soon, but for now all you need to know is that they are two amazing products. the Priming Moisturizer is a fast-absorbing formula that leaves your skin all kinds of dewy and glowing, with the ability to layer up throughout the day without any problems. It's been my go-to recently for a one-step makeup priming/moisturizer and my skin has been loving it.

As much as I adore the Priming Moisturizer though, my heart truly belongs to the brand's Balm Dotcom. This all-purpose salve has straight up saved my dry lips these past few weeks. Gone are the days of having to reapply balm every five minutes, they will not be missed. The hydration from this lasts for hours and leaves my lips more hydrated and plump looking than I've ever seen them before. It's a miracle product if I've ever seen one.

Speaking of miracle products, I've discovered one other simply life-changing skincare beaute this January, and that is my previously reviewed Verso Super Eye Serum. I won't bore you with my raves for this product again, but suffice it to say this serum has been the only beauty product that has ever made a dent in my super dark hereditary circles. The skin under my eyes has completely changed in the past week alone, leaving me more than a little excited to see results a few months from now. This has not only been a favorite of the month, but I can already tell you now (in January...) that it will be a favorite of 2015 as well.

On top of the Super Eye Serum I've been loving the all-natural Indie Lee Calendula Balm. Packed with hydrating, good-for-you oils, this balm is not only amazing for hydrating the skin underneath my eyes but can be used just about anywhere! Occasionally I'll layer it over my Balm Dotcom at night, giving my lips an extra kick of hydration.

For the rest of my body, I've fallen in love with the Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel. Sadly, this guy has been discontinued for the season (they seem to bring it back every November/December, I believe), but I picked up two in a BOGO sale Lush was having a few weeks back. I'm so glad I did because I forgot just how much I adore the scent! Nothing is more relaxing to me than the sweet smell of roses in the shower (one of the strangers sentences I've ever written, but moving on...)

Makeup + Hair
I'm a base-loving girl when it comes to makeup, and this winter I've found some true loves in the foundation department. However, recently I've been aiming for a lighter base and have rediscovered my love for the amazing NARS Tinted Moisturizer. With medium, very natural looking coverage, this bad boy has all the amazing qualities of a foundation in a tinted moisturizer form. It hydrates, covers what needs to be covered while still letting your skin show through, and lasts for hours. What more could one ask for? In the summer I use the shade Alaska, but my currently paler than pale winter skin required a repurchase in the shade Terre Neuve, which ended up being a perfect match.

Speaking of natural looking coverage with an edge, I'm gonna give another shout out to the incredible Cle de Peau Concealer, the most amazing concealer I've ever had the pleasure of using. This guy can cover anything, including my dark circles, and still manages to look natural while doing it. It lasts all day, and the shade Beige is an absolutely perfect match for me. I no longer go anywhere without it.

Lastly in the beauty department, there's my favorite hair product ever, the Sachajuan Hair Repair. I mentioned this product in a post awhile back, but in case you don't remember it's basically a super-conditioner. I use it once a week (though sometimes I cheat and use it two or three times, shhh) and it leaves my hair feeling healthy and softer-than-soft. Combine that with the fact that the scent is simply heavenly and you've got my favorite hair product not just of the month, but of all time. 

Honestly, I'm enough of Netflix addict that I'm a little shocked I've never added some monthly favorite shows to these posts as well. This month's picks are two absolute favorites of mine, one older and one quite new.

The newer of the two would be my newfound love for Amazon Prime's Transparent, the amazing Golden Globe-winning show that premiered this past fall. Oddly enough, the reason I began watching the show was for Jay Duplass (I'll full admit I have a big-ass crush on him and his brother Mark), but I quickly fell in love with the insanely good writing, acting and heartwarming story behind the show. It is seriously so well done and has been one of my favorite television discoveries in recent memory. I personally cannot wait until season two!

The older pick of the two has got to be Friends making its debut on Netflix. Let's be real - I'd already seen every episode of the show numerous times before it became available on Netflix. Now, however, I can just watch it a whole lot more readily. Despite the fact that the show premiered when I was three, I feel like the stories and issues of these six characters still very much resonate to my now 23-year-old self. I've grown up with the show, and with each year I find that it becomes more and more relevant (though my crush on Chandler Bing has never faltered throughout the years). Besides that, it's just a show that can put a smile on my face no matter what the mood, which is really the best thing you can ask for from a comedy. It's simply the best, what else can I say?



  1. I just got the Glossier set this weekend and I'm already in love! Totally agree with you on both products you mentioned - they both feel so nice on my skin! I can't wait for your review!

    Kelsey | Beauty by Kelsey

  2. I love the lush rose jam shower gel,it smells amazing.


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