Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An Introduction to Sachajuan

Solely from my lack of hair posts, I'm sure it's fairly obvious to everyone that I'm pretty low maintenace when it comes to my hair. While I've been known to put down far too much money on skincare and makeup products, I often become a cheapskate when it comes to haircare and usually just buy whatever shampoo and conditioner are one sale.
I decided that needed to change this past winter because, for whatever reason, the cold weather has been wreaking havoc on my head. My hair is usually normal-to-oily and will take just about any hair products I throw at it. Recently though my scalp has been somewhat irritated, and I've even noticed a few bumps along my hairline (which, with my dry skin, is very unusual). I'm pretty sure the diagnosis for all of this is a combination of the freezing weather and some recently high stress level going on in my life but, either way, I decided it was time to treat my hair to a little bit of luxury.

I had read about the brand Sachajuan on a few of my favorite blogs (shout out to gh0stparties and That Grace Girl, two of my biggest blogging inspirations) and found that it was a luxury Swedish haircare brand with quite a cult following. After reading many raving reviews, I decided to check it out a bit myself, and stumbled upon their Scalp Shampoo. Designed to soothe irritated scalps while leaving the hair squeaky clean, this guy sounded like the perfect fit in my time of need. While I was on my little Sachajuan shopping spree I also decided to pick up their Hair Repair, a 5 minute weekly hair mask that apparently leaves your locks all kinds of soft.

Well you guys, after trying these two gems out for a week I think I can say I'm officially hooked. Just a tiny bit of the Scalp Shampoo each day has completely cleared up all of those previously mentioned bumps, and one use of the Hair Repair left my locks looking shinier and softer than I've ever seen them. Oh, and the scent. Oh. My. Gosh. I would seriously buy these off of the scent alone, which is a gorgeous white musk sort of perfume. Apparently the scent is so popular that they've made a Hair Perfume, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be picking that up at some point in the future. 

I think it goes without saying that this little introduction to Sachajuan was a straight up success. Guys, take it from the most low maintenance haircare girl on Earth. This stuff is heaven. Hair products (like all beauty products) tend to promise a whole lot of fairytale results that often have a harsh reality ending, but I can safely say that these two products from Sachajuan deliver the results they promise on the bottle. As if I needed another type of product to shop for, I now can add hair products to my list, and you can bet that Sachajuan will be my brand of choice.

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  1. Oooh never heard of it! Definitely going to be doing some research tonight haha


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