Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November Favorites

Is it just me, or has November just flown by? The reason I'm a day late on this monthly favorites post is that I honestly just lost track of time! November ended up being a pretty awesome month for new beauty discoveries, and I've found a lot of new favorites.

There's really only one "makeup" favorite this month, and that's the By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Primer. I've written about this several times before, but this skincare/makeup hybrid works to hydrate and prime your face for makeup, all while giving your skin the most gorgeous lit-from-within glow. I can't even put into words how wonderful this product is, and if it weren't so expensive I would already have bought up a lifetime supply! This primer has been a total game changer for me, and has completely changed the way my base makeup looks.

The next product is more of a beauty tool, and it's one that I've completely rediscovered my love for recently. The Beauty Blender is nothing new in the blogging world, and it's nothing particularly new to me either. I bought my first one awhile back and adored it, but kind of stopped using it for awhile. However, after using it with my By Terry Densiliss Foundation recently my love for this beauty favorite has grown exponentially. It helps make makeup look so much more natural, and pairs beautifully with my current favorite foundation. What else can I say, I love it!

My nail polish of choice this past month was definitely the Essie Nail Polish in Fall in Line. I have a very well documented love for Essie nail polish (my collection is brimming with the brand), and this gorgeous forest green color is no exception. I'm always changing up my polish color, but this has definitely been my most worn recently. I find that it's a perfect color during the colder months while still being pretty unique.

I've really been trying to step up my hair game recently (which isn't hard considering I essentially do nothing currently) and one big change has been using the lovely Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer. I'm not usually one to buy quality hair products, but Bumble and Bumble has always been one high-end brand that I truly trust. Their Invisible Oil Primer is a light spray that you can spritz on damp hair to soften and hydrate your locks. The cold weather does some serious damage to the ends of my hair, and this product has been a savior for that. It leaves my hair feeling so much softer and healthier - after I run out of the sample I'll almost definitely be picking up a full size.

My last two favorites come from Diptyque, a gorgeous high-end Parisian fragrance brand. I recently wrote about their gorgeous Ambre Candle (whose review you can find here), but my most recent addition from their line has been the Diptyque Eau Duelle EDT. I don't have a large collection of perfumes or fragrances so to splurge so much on a high-end bottle means I must really have fallen head over heels for the scent. I'll try and put up a proper review of this guy soon, but basically it combines notes of amber, vanilla, bourbon and spices to create a beautiful woods-y, almost musky scent. It's definitely not something I'd normally be drawn to (I'm usually more of a floral, fruity fragrance kind of girl) but it's so intoxicating and cozy that it's become my new fragrance of choice for the colder months. The first time I tried it out I sniffed my wrist so much that Jake started questioning my sanity. But it's just that good.

What products have you guys been loving recently? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I love my Beauty Blender, it's great for those days when you have a bit more time and want flawless looking skin. x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam

    1. I completely agree! I just recently found a brush that I love for foundations, but up until then I've always found the Beauty Blender to be the best way to get a flawless looking application. I love it!

  2. The beauty blender is such an oldie but a goodie. I equally love the Real Techniques sponge. Eau Duelle is a scent I adore, it's so warm and sensual.


    1. I completely agree! I haven't tried out the Real Techniques sponge yet but have heard so many good things (and already love the brand!) that I might need to check it out... And Eea Duelle is amazing, it's definitely becoming my go to winter scent :)

  3. Been wanting the beauty blender in so longg. I just havent gotten the chance to get it. This post just really made me want to get one hahha :)

    btw, I just found your blog through Twitter and I am lovin it!

    ps. I'd be ecstatic if have a chance to check mines out :)

    1. It's great! And as someone above mentioned, the Real Techniques Sponge is supposed to be just as amazing (and, if I remember correctly, is much more affordable). And thanks so much, I will definitely check yours out! :)


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