Friday, December 5, 2014

Diptyque Résine Candle

As a candle fanatic (and a frequent visitor of my local Space NK) I knew that it was only a matter of time before I gave in to the hype of the legendary Diptyque candles. Not too long ago I wrote about my first Diptyque purchase, their Ambre candle which I fell head over heels in love with. After reading about the brand's holiday candle launches on gh0stparties (one of my absolute favorite blogs) I decided that at least one of the three needed to be mine. I mean, the packaging alone is just stunning, I almost didn't even care what the actual scents were like!

The three launches were Hiver, Resine and Espice, each encompassing a different sort of winter-y, holiday type scent. My favorite hands down ended up being Resine, a beautiful pine scent that just completely encompasses my idea of what Christmas smells like. In typical Diptyque fashion, the scent is ultra strong and easily fills up a room (seriously, I can smell it without it even being lit!). The notes include bark, resine and crushed needles which, together, smell exactly like a Christmas tree.

Combined with the beautiful glass case and packaging this is a genuinely gorgeous candle to burn. I already plan on reusing the case once the wax is gone, though I certainly hope that won't be soon because I could see this candle becoming my go-to this season!


  1. Sounds lovely - pine is one of my favourite Christmas scents! I have always been keen for a Diptyqye candle but they are so pricey - do they last awhile? I will add it to the wishlist :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's one of mine as well! Pine just completely encompasses Christmas for me and just puts me in such a happy mood. So far I've only tried out the mini candles (which are still quite pricey at $30!) and they supposedly last about 15 hours or so. Honestly, I was kind of shocked at how quickly they burned up - I had my Ambre candle for about 2 weeks and probably burned it several days for about two hours a day before it went. It smelled so lovely though that I'm seriously considering asking for a larger version for Christmas just so it will last a bit longer. I guess the trick is not to burn it for long periods at a time? The scent lingers for some time after blowing it out, so maybe I'll have to give that a try with the next one.


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