Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Cozy Winter Fragrance

When it comes to most beauty products, I'll fully admit I'm an impulse buyer. When I see a blush or lipstick I like, I'm more likely to pull the trigger and leave the store with it the day of. That said, when it comes to fragrances, I'm insanely picky. I find that I can be overly sensitive to fragrances, which means more perfumes than not will leave me with a horrible headache or sneezing like a lunatic.

Enter Diptyque's Eau Duelle. I tested this out on a Space NK visit a few weeks ago, and could not stop smelling the wrist I sprayed it on for the rest of the day. With notes of vanilla, bourbon, pepper and juniper, it makes for the most gorgeous, cozy fragrance that's perfect for the season. Like they do with their candles, Diptyque's perfumes contains the most pure, fragrant notes. I feel like with many perfumes I find notes like vanilla to smell almost synthetic, but with this it smells so lovely and perfect. Gosh, can you tell it's love?

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