Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Foundation That Photographs Beautifully

This might sound a little strange coming from someone who blogs and takes pictures of herself on a regular basis, but I'm very camera shy. I get ridiculously uncomfortable looking back at pictures, and usually end up nitpicking a million little imperfections I see. It's a bad habit, and one I'm constantly trying to improve upon (with this blog being a huge help).

All of that nonsense aside, blogging has been a (really fun) crash course in photography for me. Not only am I constantly playing around with my new DSLR, playing around with new settings, ISO, etc., but I've also started learning more about what makes for good "photography makeup". As a self-proclaimed "no-makeup makeup" enthusiast, I learned quite quickly that sometimes that tinted moisturizer and light covering of concealer might look fine in person but on camera looks somewhat ghastly. Even worse, the SPF that's usually found in base makeup (for great, beneficial reasons) will cause that dreaded ghost face flash back in any pictures where the flash is used.

This all leads me to a recent discovery, a foundation that's a bit of Photoshop in a bottle. It's a name that most everyone in the beauty blogosphere has probably already heard of, but it's taken me until now to give it a try myself. The foundation I'm talking about is, of course, the infamous Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

I recently picked up this bad boy (in shade #4, for reference) to see what all the fuss was about, and whether it was worth the hefty price tag. When I first applied it, I found it much sheerer than I had expected, with a very liquid, runny consistency. Honestly, aside from the aptly named luminous finish, I wasn't all that blown away at first. That is until I took a few photographs of myself wearing it. My skin was glowing, with a soft-focus effect that I thought could only be achieved through retouching. It truly looked like my skin, but much, much better. Perhaps it was because of the stunning photogenic-ness of the foundation, but I even found myself growing to like the in-person effect it gave more over time

So while this guy might not be part of my everyday routine, you can bet your bottom dollar that this one will be my first choice for holidays, parties, events and the like... 



  1. Your skin looks flawless indeed! Giorgrio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is on my wish list since its launch! I need to get colour match before sending my list to Santa :)

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! And I would definitely get color matched if you're able to, there are SO many shades! I wasn't able to (though I did a ton of research online), and while 4 works for me I think there are other shades that could have as well!


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