Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Real Talk: Confessions of a Recovering Shopaholic

Today's post is going to be a little something different, but it's one I've wanted to write about for awhile. I feel like it's probably easy to look at my blog and wonder how I can be a recent graduate with a part-time job yet still affording plenty of high-end makeup products. I know it would be easy for me not to mention it, and for it to just kind of be the elephant in the room between me and anyone who happens to read my blog frequently. But I think it's really important to say upfront that my past relationship with money has not been a healthy one.

When I was a sophomore in college, I had a part-time retail job to make some extra cash but I really was not making much money. Up until that point, I only ever used cash and my debit card as my parents had taught me to always make sure you have the money to pay off anything you are buying. Around Christmas time of that year, I thoughtlessly opened up several store credit cards to be able to buy all my loved ones proper gifts for the holidays. I'll fully admit that I didn't know much about paying with credit (interest, late fees, etc.) at the time, and didn't understand that paying the minimum payment each month was not a good idea. Long story (somewhat) short, I ended up falling behind on payments and was swimming in interest fees and debt that I've only now been able to pay off several years later.

Currently, I'm really trying to create a healthier relationship between me and money. If I make a clothing or makeup purchase, I really try and make sure that I have enough money budgeted to pay for it and still be able to put some to the side for savings. I'm trying to rebuild my credit score by making sure I pay off purchases immediately after making them, and hopefully over the next few months will be able to have a higher score (just in time for student loans to start!). I used to make unnecessary luxury purchases (especially beauty-wise) without thinking of the consequences, and now I'm just trying to be a proper adult and think of the consequences when I make a purchase. Instead of buying something on a whim, I'll think about it over the course of a week or so and really decided whether it's something I will use and want in my life.

I am by no means some financial wizard now, and still tend to emotionally shop (a big problem that I have). But I'm consciously trying to make an effort to be a healthier spender, and hopefully a better saver as well.  


  1. I definitely find it tricky to follow all of these blogs and not immediately spend all of my money on the latest makeup fad from fear of missing out! Now I'm a student and don't have a part time job like I did in sixth form, I've had to make plenty of budget cuts. Glad I'm not alone :)

    Jill | alittlesoapbox.com

    1. You're definitely not! I always get so jealous seeing bloggers' beauty collections, but now I just try and budget out an amount so that I can still buy makeup without it breaking the bank! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading :)


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