Friday, September 26, 2014

My Return from a (Very) Extended Hiatus

Hey there guys, long time no see (again)! I am finally returning from my all-too-long hiatus, and I could not be happier. Not having a working camera was the pits, and I've missed blogging more than I can say. However, I now have a brand new camera (my first ever DSLR, the lovely Canon EOS Rebel t5i) that I am loving experimenting with. I'm sure my first few (dozens) of blog pictures with this guy will be kind of shaky, because I'm still getting used to it and playing around, but the difference in quality between this and my ol' point-and-shoot is night and day. I cannot wait to record some videos for you guys on this thing!

I'm leaving on Friday (or, by the team you guys read this, today) for a trip to Florida to see Jake for the first time in almost two months! It's been really hard being apart, and I really cannot wait to just give him a big hug and to be able to talk in person versus excessive text messaging. Plus, now that it's getting chilly here, I'm kind of excited to get a few more days of summer in sunny Florida! I will hopefully be taking lots and lots of pictures with the new camera there that I will be sharing with you guys.

I'm in the middle of preparing a few posts to be scheduled while I'm gone, and I'm really going to be trying my hardest to get some posts up daily (or, at least, every other day) for you guys! I love blogging, and I have so many new products I want to share with you all. This blog has really become a huge love in my life, and being away for so long was pretty difficult (albeit necessary, between the camera situation, work and a few stressful weeks of life). So I'm excited to get back into the swing of things, and hopefully get this blog back to where it had been.


  1. So glad your back into the blagging loop :):) and yay for your trip to Florida, how long are you staying for? 2 months is such a long time to go without seeing him, i'll be so nice for you both!! oooo I'd love to treat myself to a DSL, right now I'm just using my Iphone and can only do so much haha. Maybe in the new year I'll treat myself to one. How are you liking the one you got?

    xx Amber//

    1. Aw thank you so much, I'm glad to be back too :) And I was able to stay in Florida for four day (all sunny!) so it was a great little vacation. I am loving my DSLR so much, it's been incredibly fun to experiment and play around with. That said, I will admit that there are some pictures I still take with my iPhone, the camera on it always impresses me! But if you love photography, I'd really recommend looking into some DSLR options. I went with the Rebel EOS t5i, but the older edition (the Rebel t3i) is used by tons of bloggers, and can actually be found for pretty decent prices (by DSLR standards) on Amazon and such!


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