Saturday, September 6, 2014

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

I'm here today to tell you the tale of a truly amazing cleanser. Now, I've used a fair amount of cleansers in my day (by which, I mean, since I first started using cleansers circa 2012), but never have I found a cleanser that is free of Parabens, Phthalate, Sulfate and Artificial Fragrances. Ah yes, my friends, I've discovered an incredible all-natural cleanser (and cruelty-free to boot!) that cleanses and brightens your skin. The name of this gorgeous piece of skincare? It's the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser.

Alright, so I promise I'm going to start writing like a normal human being now, and tell you a little more about this newly discovered skincare favorite. While I was on a bit of a shopping kick over at Beautylish, I came across this brand that claimed to have all-natural products, and every single one had fabulous reviews to back up the claims. The Brightening Cleanser stood out to me with it's formulation of strawberry oil, anti-oxidants and exfoliators, with promises of cleansing and brightening your skin at the same time (hence the title, obviously). I'll admit that my interest was piqued, and so into my shopping bag it went.

Upon first use, I followed the directions of applying a dime-sized amount to a cotton ball (although it apparently works fantastically with any facial brush as well) and was immediately struck with a strong strawberry scent (caused by the strawberry oil, a main ingredient). Now, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and so the candy scent certainly appealed to me, but I should say upfront that if you do not like the scent of strawberries stay away because it's quite potent.

Anyways, I applied the small amount to my face and neck (it immediately lathered up and easily glided onto my skin), taking in the lovely fragrance. After washing it off with warm water, not only was my makeup completely taken off but my skin was left feeling baby soft and looking visibly brighter. Every claim had been checked off after only one use!

The experience has certainly left me wanting to try more from the brand, and has gone to show that all natural products can truly do wonders. As long as someone doesn't have an aversion to the smell of strawberries, this is a real gem of a product that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to try out a new cleanser. A great skincare piece that will absolutely be making the rounds in my daily routine.


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