Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beach Hair, Don't Care

The end of summer might be fast approaching, but I'm not willing to give up on this gorgeous weather just yet. I've been rocking some messy, beach hair recently and loving the effortless volume and body it gives me. To achieve the look, I've been using my handmade Sea Salt Shampoo to add some texture and body to my hair (as well as keeping it squeaky clean!), and following it up with a double helping of salt by using the Big Solid Conditioner from Lush. I don't know whether I've written about this conditioner before, but it's truly a game changer. It leaves your hair soft and lovely without leaving you feeling oily in the least (thanks to the main ingredient of sea salt).

After drying my hair, I've been using my straightening iron to put a little wave in my hair. One of my favorite easy styles can be achieved by just moving the iron through your hair, twisting it up and down as you go (if that makes sense?). It kinks up your hair a bit, leaving it with soft (or more defined, if you so wish) waves within five minutes. When I don't feel like full-on curling my hair, this is usually the style I go with and I love it.

Anyone else still rocking beachy hair this close to Labor Day?


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