Thursday, July 10, 2014

Evologie Trio: A Review

Several months ago on a trip to Space NK, I told the associates I was having trouble with keeping my skin hydrated during breakouts. They ended up giving me a sample of the Evologie Stay Clear Cream, a moisturizer that manages to hydrate your skin while also fighting blemishes. After one use I was in love, and since then it has become an important part of my daily skincare routine. After a few weeks of using the Cream, I was graciously sent the rest of Evologie's "Daily Trio" to try out for review.

Not surprisingly, the brand's Cleanser and Blemish Serum are just as impressively wonderful as the Cream! I've been meaning to write a review of these for awhile, and after a few weeks of use I'm ready to share my thoughts on these lovely skincare items with you guys.

Stay Clear Cleanser - Cleansers have always been some of my favorite parts of my skincare routine, and this cleanser ended up being a lovely addition to my stockpile! It works perfectly paired with the rest of the trio, and I found that it managed to thoroughly clean my skin without that awful dry, tight feeling that sometimes accompanies cleanser usage. It works up to a foamy lather that I have enjoyed using both alone or with my Clarisonic Mia. Overall quite lovely by itself, but even better when you follow with the Serum and Cream!

Intensive Blemish Serum - I was really interested in trying this out, and seeing if its claims for fighting blemishes would be true. Luckily enough, they were! I found this to be fabulous paired with the Stay Clear Cream as both work to diminish acne while still keeping your skin soft and hydrated. I usually start off with the Cleanser before bed, then follow up with this Serum on any spots I might have and then finish it off with the Cream. It makes for a wonderful triple threat that brings me results literally overnight.

Stay Clear Cream - Obviously this was the first part of the trio that I tried, and while I love all three products I think this one still stands tall as my absolute favorite. It's incredibly difficult to find a moisturizer that both hydrates your skin while also not clogging your pores, and this one manages to moisturize and fight acne at the same time. I find it works best when I use this cream as the last step in the trio (as it's meant to be used, obviously) and especially when I use all three overnight. This is a truly unique, one of a kind product, and if you find yourself interested in picking up any of this line I would recommend definitely starting with the Clear Cream because it is fabulous!

* Indicates this product has been sent to me for the purpose of review. That being said, the opinions and views expressed are 100% my own and unbiased.

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