Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Favorites #3

It's that time of the week again! Time to collect my thoughts on my favorite products that I have been absolutely loving this week. While it's been a fairly skincare heavy couple of weeks, there are a few makeup and haircare products that I just haven't been able to get enough of as well.

Bumble & Bumble Prêt-à-Powder - This guy has been on my shopping list for quite some time, and after deciding to cut off 8 inches of hair this past week I decided it was time to take the plunge and finally pick this up. Described as a hair powder with the benefits of "dry shampoo, volume and style extender", I was curious how this would hold up with my hair. I've always loved dry shampoos, but haven't been able to find many that have suited my needs and satisfied by (picky) requirements. With this new short hairdo, I've really been enjoying rocking a messy, curly style and this hair powder ended up being the perfect solution for that! You simply sprinkle a bit of this on your roots, or throughout your hair, and rub it in like you would a normal shampoo. The soft powder virtually disappears, but leaves behind a voluminous, grease-free style. Unlike many dry shampoos that feel heavy or dirty, this one is powder soft and actually manages to leave my hair softer than before! I am absolutely loving it, and have definitely found a summer staple hair product.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush (in Natural Beauty) - I've spoken before of my absolute obsession with Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush line, and the newest color addition to my stash has been no exception. I started noticing that most of my blushes were of the coral and peach varieties, so when I chose to pick a new shade I decided on Natural Beauty, a gorgeous "strawberry red". Like all Tarte blushes, this one is extremely pigmented and comes in a gorgeous design and case. While the shade isn't normally one I would've gone for, I am in love! It's been perfect on my slightly tanned skin, and will definitely be one I'll be reaching for constantly this summer. I really have nothing but amazing things to say about this product.

Evologie Stay Clear Cream - I received a sample of this on my last visit to Space NK after asking the staff for suggestions on ways to clear up some blemishes that are a result of my Clarisonic "purging" stage. Anyways, they gave me a few samples of cleansers, and then this sample of the Evologie Stay Clear Cream. It's basically a acne fighting moisturizer that helps keep your skin clear and hydrated, which is perfect for my skin type. Often my breakouts are caused by my skin being dehydrated, so to have a formula that not only fights the acne but helps hydrate the areas around it is really a great thing for me. I've been trying to use each last little bit of this sample, but can already tell that I'll be shopping for a full size once I run out!

Lush Enchanted Eye Cream - I actually picked this eye cream up on a total whim from Lush, but it has truly been a gem! I had run out of my previous eye cream, so when I was shopping at Lush recently I decided to give this guy a go. The lightweight formula immediately hydrates underneath my eyes, sinking into my skin without leaving behind any kind of residue. It's perfect for underneath makeup (which is a hard thing to come by with eye creams, I find), and also hydrating enough that I can wear it overnight and get all of the moisturizing benefits. Plus, like all Lush products, it's made from completely natural ingredients! All in all I'm pretty darn happy I picked this up, and could definitely see myself making repeat purchases in the future.

Clarisonic Mia 2 - Let me start out by saying I am in love with the Clarisonic, but my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for having it (and having spent as much money on it as I did). He asked why I couldn't just use an electric toothbrush on my face, which I responded to by giving him an incredulous look and rolling my eyes. Anyways I haven't given a full, proper review on my Clarisonic yet because I wanted to give it a few weeks use before forming my opinions. I will hopefully have a full post up later this week, but for now let me just say that I adore this product. The first few weeks I used it, I was unsure how to feel because I was going through the dreaded "purging stage" and thus feeling self-conscious and kind of hating the Clarisonic by association. Now that my purging stage has ended (I pray) I am finally seeing the amazing benefits that the Clarisonic has provided me, and my skin has truly never looked (or felt) better. My moisturizer absorbs more, my makeup looks smoother, and overall my skin just looks cleaner. I can honestly say that I feel I have already gotten my money's worth with this product (sorry, Jake) and that this is one product I cannot do without. 


  1. Great post - I too am absolutely loving my Clarisonic, worth every penny!
    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. Thank you, and thanks so much for reading! And I totally agree, I was wary at first but the difference its made to my skin is more than worth the price!

  2. I have been meaning to try the Bumble and Bumble Powder I just cannot decide If I want to spend the money. lovely post xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

    1. Thanks so much, and thank you for reading!! The price was definitely what kept me from buying the B&B powder for so long, but I decided that for how long it will last it ended up being worth it. Plus I tried a sample of it from Sephora first to make my decision! :)


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