Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Favorites #2

It's finally here, my second weekly favorites post! This weekend has been a kind of crazy one, but I was determined to get this up today because I hope to be able to post my weekly favorites every Sunday (usually a little earlier in the morning, if I can help it!). I've had a lot of favorites this week, but decided to narrow them down to four products I've been loving so that the post didn't turn into a novel. Anyways, without further ado, here are this week's favorites!

Lush Grease Lightning - I've been using my new Clarisonic for a few weeks now, and am just now starting to see the light at the tunnel for my dreaded "purging" stage. I can honestly say that I have Lush's Grease Lightning to thank for helping clear everything up, it's truly a little miracle product! It's a Tea Tree Cleanser that comes in a clear, gel formula. It contains all natural ingredients (as all Lush products do) such as green grapes, carrageenan moss (a type of seaweed), aloe vera and witch hazel. These ingredients work to take away excess oil, decreasing acne while softening the skin around blemishes. The clear gel makes it undetectable to wear during the day (although I prefer to use it at night), and I love that it takes care of acne without drying out your skin. This is a product I've seen raved about on blogs, and I can certainly see why! I've been using it nightly and definitely have seen a decrease in red marks and blemishes.

Tarte Brazilliance Marajuca Face + Body Tanner- I first picked up this self-tanner because I was completely intrigued by the fact that it had Marajuca oil in it (which is found in a lot of Tarte products, and I've found it does wonderful things for my skin). The tanner comes out looking completely black (which scared the crap out of me at first) but sheers out to be fairly invisible on the skin. It's a gradual tanner, so it takes a few uses to see the results, but from what I've seen so far I'm loving it! The formula softens the skin (because of the Marajuca) while gradually tanning, and the absolute best part is that it doesn't have that awful self-tanner smell. There is a bit of a fragrance to it, but I find that it fades within a few minutes, and it dries down within half an hour so that I'm able to wear makeup over it without any problem. This is one of my favorite self-tanners I've ever used, and there are so many other benefits to it (besides the gradual tan) that I can already tell this will be a repurchase.

Chantecaille Just Skin - This tinted moisturizer has been raved about by every beauty blogger that's come into contact with it, and as a self-confessed low-coverage base addict I knew I had to get my hands on it. Now, as everyone whose heard of this TM knows, it is ridiculously expensive. Like, way, way more money than I'm willing to admit to spending (and I'm hoping and praying my boyfriend and family don't read this because they might have a mini heart attack by the price). And what's even crazier? I picked up two shades. I plan on returning one, because I was stuck between the two, but I definitely felt a little sick to my stomach with the price tags. Anyways, is the price worth it? Erhm, yes and no. I love everything about this TM; the texture, coverage, and finish are all, in a word, perfection. However, I really think the price is pretty ridiculous for what you're getting. There are plenty of high-end TM options that are great and they're all about $20/$30 cheaper than this (including Laura Mercier, NARS and Bobbi Brown...when something is more expensive than these already expensive options it's a little insane). Anyways, I am in love with this TM (and plan on keeping it in the shade Glow, as I like the shade Tan but it's just a tad bit too dark and I feel so guilty about keeping both) but I really do question whether it's worth the price. I know part of it is the high-end name, but still...

Giorgio Armani Master Corrector -I've written about this guy before, but it's so amazing that I knew I needed to include it in my weekly favorites as well! This is the first corrector I've used that works without looking too heavy under the eyes, and even without sinking into any fine lines! The formula is thin and highly pigmented, and it has completely changed my concealer routine! The coverage is so great that sometimes I'll wear this under my eyes, and then layer my foundation over top and call it a day. For someone that has as ridiculously dark circles as I do, that's a pretty big deal. I really have nothing but rave reviews for this product, and would recommend it to anyone else looking for a great corrector.


  1. The Lush cleanser sounds like a lovely product - I'd love to give it a go!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    1. It's really great, I've been loving it so far! Thanks so much for reading!


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