Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Natural Duo

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm about to write about a duo that has left me speechless (though obviously not speechless enough to stop me from dramatically writing about it). Yesterday, I took a trip to the city and stopped by an Armani boutique. Before you say anything, yes I was definitely out of place. I was greeted at the door by like five men in suits who were all definitely models with piercing blue eyes and jaws so chiseled they could cut through rock. When they saw me their faces greeted me hello, but their eyes said "Get out of her, broke college girl". But I went in with one mission and one mission alone - to check out the makeup. Armani makeup might be out of my price range by a bit, however it's nowhere near as out of my price range as every other item Armani has ever made (which is out of even my imaginary, dream price range).

Anyways, I was incredibly excited to try out the Armani Maestro Eraser, a concealer skincare hybrid that I had read lots of great things about and have been itching to try for quite some time. I was planning on just trying that out, but the makeup artist on duty, Maureen (just in case you were wondering her name) suggested I try it out by layering it on top of the Armani Master Corrector. I've tried out correctors in the past, namely Bobbi Brown's offering, and while I enjoyed it I was always kind of put off by the creamy, thick consistency. So I was a bit skeptical about the corrector, but let her try them both out on me to see what happened.

Guys, when I say I was truly blown away by the results, know I don't say that lightly. I have tried literally hundreds of concealers, and while I've found some that have wonderful coverage, none of them have looked even close to as natural as this Armani duo looked. The corrector Maureen used on me was shade 01, which is a light pink that's perfect for cancelling out blue darkness underneath teh eyes. Just by itself I loved the results of the corrector, and found that it cancelled out the darkness without creasing, and without looking dry or cake-y. Adding the Maestro Eraser afterwards (in shade 03, for reference) just added to the natural look, giving just enough coverage and illumination. I'll give a more detailed review of each after these pictures, but first you've got to check out these results (please excuse the untamed eyebrows...)!

No makeup (L and R)

Only Corrector (L), no makeup (R)

Corrector + Concealer (L), no makeup (R)

Totally incredible, right?! I am seriously just blown away by how natural it looks! Honestly, even if it didn't have a decent amount of coverage, I would choose these two options over other concealers simply for how natural it looks. Those results are incredibly hard to come by!  
I could go on raving about these guys forever, so I'm going to stop myself and give a little background on each of the two. The Maestro Eraser, as I said before, is a makeup skincare hybrid. It has illuminating qualities that help to conceal and illuminate the dark area under the eyes, and also contains the ingredient of Hylexin which is supposed to break down pigmentation and help fade dark spots over time. My circles are hereditary, so I don't know that that will work for me, but I can say that the formula is incredibly hydrating and applies like a dream. It's a very runny and liquid-y, low-coverage concealer, but combined with the corrector it's perfection!

Speaking of the corrector, it is a highly pigmented, very thin liquid that manages to color correct and sink into the skin to create a completely natural look. Maureen told me that if I didn't want to wear the Maestro Eraser, the corrector looks just as great worn underneath foundation or tinted moisturizer, which is awesome for low-maintenance days. The corrector is available in two shades, the pink (which is the one I chose) and an orange. The pink works best for color correcting blue toned under eye circles, while orange is better suited for more brown colored dark circles. 

All in all I couldn't be happier with the results. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, but I truly think this concealer duo might be the answer to my concealer-loving prayers! I can't wait to try it out more, and maybe even see if the Maestro Eraser holds up to its claims of lightening dark circles!

Has anyone else tried out these miracle products??

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