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Essential Makeup Products 1234

I'll be the first to admit I am a total makeup addict. I have a ridiculously extensive collection, which is made up of more products than any one person would ever need. I love beauty products, and am always looking to try out new ones, so my drawers are kind of overflowing with foundations, blushes and more.

While I might have more makeup than necessary, there are a few types of products that I will fully admit I could not live without (not a dramatic statement or anything). They're the products that I would recommend to anyone starting out with makeup, or who might just want to have the essentials in their beauty arsenal. I'm narrowing it down to four products that I feel are essential to any woman's makeup bag, and both high-end and budget options I would recommend for each. So let's get started, shall we?

1. Tinted Moisturizer


I'll fully admit to being biased towards tinted moisturizers for a base...If this is your first time reading this blog than I'll just come right out and say that I am obsessed with them. Having said that, I do think it's an essential part of anyone's makeup collection, whether they're a makeup expert or newbie. It's an easy way to moisturize and even out your skin, and applying it is usually fairly foolproof because it's such a sheer amount of coverage. Many tinted moisturizers are also packed with lots of skincare benefits, so they provide that for you as well!

Splurge: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer/Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer - I honestly couldn't choose between these two! If you're just starting out with makeup, and want just a basic TM to throw on during the day then I would recommend choosing the NARS option. It's a great all-rounder that comes in a great variety of shades than Chantecaille's option, and it can even be built up to medium-coverage. If you have a little more experience with makeup and want to treat yourself a bit than I would say to give the Chantecaille Just Skin a try. The coverage is amazing and (similiarly to NARS') it has some lovely skincare benefits. It's my daily go-to for it's glowing, natural looking finish and, while it's insanely expensive, I absolutely love it.

Save: CoverGirl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer - Before I really got interested in makeup and started trying out more high end brands, my go-to was this very low-coverage, moisturizing option from CoverGirl! It's really affordable and, while it doesn't provide much coverage, it's a really nice low-maintenance option for summer. It's now called the CG Smoothers BB Cream, but I'm fairly positive it's still the same old formula with a new name slapped on to be part of the BB trend.

2. Concealer

Again, if you've read my blog this option's gonna seem a bit obvious. But I truly believe that concealer is a necessity in every girl's makeup stash! Whether it's hiding a lack of sleep or covering up an angry blemish, concealer does it all. Even on days that I choose to go bare faced, I usually swipe just a bit of concealer underneath my eyes to look a little more awake. It's one of my essential beauty products, and one I think every makeup wearer wants in their arsenal.

Splurge: Origins Plantscription Concealer - Now, I should start off by saying that this is not my personal HG concealer. I usually only use concealer underneath my eyes, and I personally find this option to be a bit drying for my needs. However, the high pigmentation and creaminess of the formula as well as the travel-friendly case make this a fantastic all-around choice for a concealer. It has some great skincare benefits, as well as a supposedly "anti-aging" formula so it's a great choice for anyone that just wants one concealer to get everything done.

Save: NYX HD Concealer - This is another great all-round concealer, although the formula comes in a variety of different shades and colors that each serve a specific purpose for your skin. It's usually sold for the affordable price of $5 which is pretty awesome, and it also comes from the brand NYX which is cruelty-free! If you're looking to start out with your first concealer this is one I'd recommend trying out for it's ability to cover up both blemishes and brighten undereye circles.

3. Lip Gloss/Balm

I don't tend to write about lip products all that much on the blog, but I really do believe that everyone needs a lip gloss or balm in their collection. These lip products are a perfect way to add a bit of color, hydration and shine to your lips, and simply changing the color can take your entire look from day to night. All in all, these type of products are ones I think anyone could use.

Splurge: Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss - This is easily the most amazing lip gloss formula I have ever come across. It's shiny, colorful and moisturizing all without being sticky or tacky. It's also $33 which is fairly outrageous for a lip gloss. I usually buy my lip products for cheap at the drugstore but splurged on this guy after hearing about how amazing it was. While I could never afford to pick up the entire collection, I'm happy that I have one of these because it really has a formula unlike anything I've ever tried before. If you're looking for a truly "brilliant" (see what I did there?) lip gloss, and you're okay spending the money, this is the one for you.

Save: Maybelline Baby Lips - Unlike the splurge option this is not a lip gloss, but it is a tinted lip balm. Out of all the lip products I own this is probably the one I reach for the most because it's hydrating while also providing a gorgeous tint of color to your lips. The range has expanded to include tons of different colors as well as a few "rescue balm" options that are extra moisturizing for especially chapped lips. The line is also quite a bargain (I think I've picked most of mine up for $5 or so) so I've picked up tons of colors which gives me the ability to change up my look every so often.

4. Mascara

Out of all the items I've listed, this is one category that I usually tend to save on instead of splurge. I naturally have fairly long, thick lashes so for me a quality mascara isn't necessary. However, for those that want to lengthen or volumize their lashes a bit more I would recommend splurging on a slightly more expensive mascara, as usually the formulas and brushes go above and beyond to

Splurge: The Balm What's Your Type Mascara - I'm a huge fan of any and everything from TheBalm, they're an amazing cruelty-free company that produces some fairly dreamy products. This mascara is no exception, and the formula, brush and packaging are all fabulous. In all honesty, I originally bought this mascara because I thought the name and concept was so stinking adorable, but everything about it ended up being perfection and it's been an all-around great mascara that I've returned to time and time again.

Save: Maybelline Miss Manga Mascara - This is actually my go-to mascara of the moment (thought technically not this week, since it is from a brand that is unfortunately not cruelty-free) because of its affordability and great formula. The brush is an interesting looking one, but manages to volumize, lengthen and coat every lash without any clumps in sight. It's a great mascara option for any and all eyelashes, and a fantastic drugstore buy.



  1. Lovely post, i really want to try the Nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer!
    xprincessjas | xx

    1. Aw thanks so much, and thank you for reading! NARS' tinted moisturizer is truly amazing, a great all-round TM that I would totally recommend!


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