Monday, June 9, 2014

Chantecaille Just Skin: A Review

I briefly mentioned my love for Chantecaille's Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer in my Weekly Favorites post yesterday, but thought I should give a full review on this little gem. I haven't been using it for all that long, so (just for full disclosure) my thoughts and opinions only come from several uses. That being said, I am loving this base so far. This tinted moisturizer manages to moisturize, conceal and add a healthy glow to your face all while being completely undetectable. I know I've said in the past that I've found bases to be natural, but this one might just take the cake is how natural it really looks!

I'm still experimenting with my camera (as I'm sure you can tell, 'cause it looks quite obvious), so the above picture was taken with the flash on in order to brighten it up. However, I feel that the texture and finish of this particular TM is not truly given justice with the flash on, so I took another picture without the flash. The quality isn't as great, which is why I didn't choose the picture to go above, but I feel that it really shows just how amazing this TM's finish and texture is. I mean, it truly does look just like skin! It adds a bit of a shine and glow, which is why the above picture is so shiny, but without the flash you can see that it looks like real skin, which usually has a bit of a natural shine to it.

Now, I also mentioned in my previous post the big drawback to this product which is just how absurdly expensive it is. I'm a bit of a big shopaholic who doesn't shy away from higher end makeup and skincare products, but this one truly takes the cake in its price, especially considering it's a sheer tinted moisturizer. I am really impressed with how natural it looks, and I personally love it, but I really believe there are other options out there for great TMs that cost a fraction of the price (even from brands like Chanel, NARS and Laura Mercier). I, personally, am a nutjob and thus talked myself into spending the money on this (in fact I bought two shades - Glow and Tan - thinking that Tan could work once I get a little more color), but if you're in the market for a TM I'd really recommend shopping around because there are other great options out there.

Having said that, I am really happy with this base and think it could be perfect for year-round wear. It has a lovely dewy finish (my favorite) that looks great during these summer months, but it's also moisturizing and natural enough that I can absolutely see myself wearing this during Fall/Winter. I think this works best for normal to dry skin because of its texture, and is great for anyone looking for a low-coverage option. I find that this has a bit more coverage than most TMs (I would compare the coverage to that of NARS' TM) but is still on the lower end of things. It does, however, have pretty great wear time. Even in the hot sun I find that this doesn't break up or separate on the face which is wonderful.

All in all, I love this base, even if I have some serious shopper's remorse from the hefty price tag. Has anyone else tried this out? What're your thoughts?


  1. I love makeup with dewy finish too lately :)

    xx, | Latest post: Propolis For Acne

    1. Me too! I feel like it just gives such a lovely, healthy look to your face. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading! :)


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