Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Lovely Lush Bath

So I already have some reservations with the title of this post, but it made me giggle so I'm just going with it. For anyone that follows my Instagram account (and if you don't, you can here!), I recently posted a picture (and basically a love letter) of a gorgeous bath bomb that I bought on my recent trip to Lush, which I promptly treated myself to as soon as I got home.

The scent I picked up was Sex Bomb (I'm blushing), which is a lovely jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang. Apparently these scents are supposed to be aphrodisiacs, but I'll be honest and just say that I picked it up because it was a pretty color and I liked the way it smelled. Like all of Lush's bath bombs, it dissolved in the warm water within minutes, creating a gorgeous pink bath. And there was even a surprise of having an actual flower within the bath bomb, which came apart so petals floated on the surface.

It was a rather romantic looking (and smelling) bath which I enjoyed by myself with a glass of wine and some Modern Family. Nothing particularly romantic about it for me, but it certainly was a wonderful stress relief! And, being the weirdo I am, I took lots of pictures (of the pre-bath, that is) to share with you all the wonders of the Lush bath bomb.

Has anyone else used a bath bomb from Lush? If so, what scents do you love (I need recommendations!)?



  1. i need to get some gorgeous bath bomb like that soon, so tempting! hehe i giggled at your weirdo remark thanks for sharing xx

    1. Oh my gosh it is so amazing! Haha yeah I feel kind of weird sharing my bath water, but it was such an incredibly bath bomb that I couldn't not share I suppose. Thanks so much for reading! :)

  2. This looks lovely! I'm a huge fan of lush but I've actually never tried this!!


    1. This was actually the first bath bomb I've tried from them, and I loved it so much I know it won't be my last! There were some great deals on some as well, like a few smaller ones for $4 that I'm definitely going to pick up :)


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