Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Clothing Haul #1

Summer is my season. I'm a bit big dress fiend, so being able to bring out my sundresses, maxis and everything in between is makes this my favorite time of year. Even though I have a bit big collection already, I couldn't help picking up a few more items to freshen up my wardrobe. I recently got a pretty big haul from ASOS, one of my favorite shopping sites, as well as a few other goodies from several other places. So here are some hits and misses from my recent shopping adventures.


ASOS Dress in Large Gingham Print - I didn't originally notice this dress on ASOS, but after seeing Hello October wearing it on her Instagram I fell in love! I am head over heels for the gingham print, and its breathable fabric has made it perfect for these hot days. Its incredibly versatile so I've been able to style it several different ways depending on the weather. The other day I wore it with some combat boots on a rainy day and it looked just as cute as when I've worn it with sandals and a sun hat. Overall, this has been one of my favorite picks!
ASOS Midi Bandeau Sundress in Check Print - This one was actually a really happy surprise! I liked it when I saw it on the website, but I ended up loving it even more when I tried it on. I'm ridiculously short (5' 2" - and 3/4", I feel I should add) so I was kind of afraid about how a midi length dress would look, but I absolutely adore it! The sweetheart neckline is super cute, and it looks great with a nice sunhat and sandals. Now I just need to pick it up in different colors, because the style is perfect.
Merrydale Floral Dress - I will seriously give anything with a floral print a chance, and sometimes actually have to restrain myself from buying more floral clothing. However, this was one I just couldn't pass up. I saw it in the window of Francesca's and when I went in to ask about it the employee told me they had just put it on display that day and had already sold a few! The gorgeous embroidery is incredibly eye catching, and just makes for the perfect warm weather dress. I wore it at a BBQ this past weekend and got several compliments on the beautiful colors and pattern. It's different from anything I own, and I couldn't be happier.
Jun + Ivy Chambray Tank - Francesca's was having a BOGO 50% Off Sale on the entire store, so I kind of picked this up on a whim without trying it on or anything. I had really wanted a chambray tank, and the crocheted pocket was adorable so into the bag it went. I wasn't expecting to be thrilled by it, but I honestly cannot stop wearing it! I've paired it with a few different colored shorts, and plan on trying it out with a skirt as well - it's incredibly versatile and just different from any other shirt I own. Definitely a keeper.
Capuchina Maxi Dress - I have never found anything from Anthropologie that I didn't like, and the fact that it was a printed maxi dress just made it all the better. I adored the crossback straps and tie around the middle, and it looks just lovely on. I wore this to my graduation party, and am in love with the colors and comfort of the dress. All in all it has all the makings of a perfect dress, and I can't think of a bad thing to say about it.


ASOS Swing Dress in Polka Dot - I wanted to love this so badly, but I just couldn't make the shape and style work for me. This was actually the first dress I spotted on ASOS that immediately went into my shopping bag, because I was so sure it was going to be a winner. I've tried it on several times now, because I just want to love it so much, but unfortunately I think it's going to have to be returned. The shapeless style would probably work better on someone who is taller, with a less curvy figure than I have. It really is a darling dress, but the way it hangs on me is rather awkward, and for the price I just didn't find it to be worth it for me. So while this was a miss for me, it's definitely one I'd recommend for others to try if they have a different body type that might better suit the style.
Jun + Ivy Sweetheart Embroidered Dress - This is one that I would have loved if I could have found a better fit. I must be right in between a small and medium, because I tried both on and found the small way too tight, and the medium a bit too big. The style is one of my favorites, and if I could've gotten it to fit properly it would have been a definite yes. But sadly the sizing just didn't work for me, and unfortunately it was a miss.


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