Monday, May 19, 2014

Makeup Brushes of the Moment

While I have been known to spend a little lot too much money on makeup, the same cannot be said about my makeup brushes. I fully admit that I should care more about the brushes I am using every day, but unfortunately I tend to spend more time (and money) on picking out new foundations/concealers/etc. I know, I know, bad Morgan. Up until recently I swore by my Beauty Blender, and couldn't imagine using anything else, but with some recent foundation editions I've found that nothing works better than a good ol' makeup brush for application.
Anyways, that being said, there are several brushes that I truly love and swear by. Some are blogger cult favorites (such as my Real Techniques brush) and others are inexpensive options that I personally adore. These brushes get the job done, and I reach for them on a daily basis.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - This guy is an affordable option used by tons of beauty bloggers, and for good reason. While I had been a strict Beauty Blender user, this product brought me back into the magical world of brushes (I have an image in my head of a Candy Land-type world with brushes as trees--ignore me, I'm strange). I started out using this brush for foundation, but recently I've been loving using it for concealer actually! I'll put one single drop of concealer on the brush, and there's enough to perfectly cover up both of my undereye circles! Not only have I been using FAR less concealer, but I find it goes on more naturally and covers more than when I used the BB for my concealer. Usually I'll apply it with the brush and then lightly pat my finger underneath my eyes to help it blend further into the skin. This brush is a little bit of an all-rounder, while I love it for my concealer I've also used it for some of my foundations, and found it works great with my bareSkin foundation as well as my lovely Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Icing Long Kabuki Brush -When I tell people I've bought some of my favorite makeup brushes from Icing, I always get looks like I'm insane. While I admit I am pretty nuts, there only thing crazy about these brushes is how great they work (yeah, I kind of hate myself for typing this sentence). Anyways, the Long Kabuki Brush was my first purchase from Icing, and lately I've been using it to apply my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, as I find this wonderful brush applies it smoothly, quickly and without using too much product! The brush is incredibly soft and versatile, and really did get me hooked on makeup brushes from this store. I keep waiting for there to be some catch because of how inexpensive they are, but several months after purchase I still have no regrets.

Icing Expert Large Powder Brush -Another Icing purchase, this is a huge, soft, lovely brush that I have been loving for applying any translucent powder or bronzer. Because of how large it is, I find that it applies powders well without applying too much in any one place. It's not an overtly exciting brush, but it certainly gets the job done with no complaints!

Bare Minerals barerSkin Perfecting Face Brush - I spoke briefly of this brush in my bareSkin tutorial (which if you haven't watched already, you can check out here), and was actually somewhat critical of it because I felt that it wasn't the best way for applying the bareSkin foundation. While I still prefer to use other brushes for applying that, I have found some use for this brush in applying other foundations, especially around the eye or nose areas. The small size is great for applying foundation to smaller parts of your face that might be harder to do with a larger foundation brush. Specifically, if I want to do a layer of foundation around my eyes, and around the sides of my nose, I use this guy to buff it in, creating a natural look. I still would argue that this brush is slightly over hyped, however since I decided to keep it I needed to find some uses for it, and I'm not minding it thus far! 

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