Friday, May 16, 2014

Kaya Scodelario Inspired

While I live in the US, my mom's entire side of the family comes from the UK, so I've grown up watching many British television shows. My love of some of these shows has only grown since they became available on Hulu and Netflix, which was truly amazing. Anyways, one of the first shows I really got hooked on was Skins during my late high school years. Since I was a bit of a shy homebody during high school, the constant partying and drug use on the show was far from my everyday life but the series was certainly a guilty pleasure nonetheless. I'll admit to having grown out of the show a bit towards the end (plus, lets be honest, the third generation was just not nearly as interesting), but have recently been watching the latest "season 7" on Netflix which appeals far more to my age group.
I'm currently on Effy's episodes, and have just been blown away by how stunning Kaya Scodelario looks. This girl has always been drop dead gorgeous, but I absolutely love her simple, sparse makeup look in this most recent series, and was inspired by it for my look of the day.
I achieved this look using very minimal makeup, as that's what I loved most about how Kaya looks. I used my Icing Long Kabuki Brush to apply a very sheer layer of my bareSkin foundation, only using two drops to cover my entire face. After that, I applied the lovely duo of my Clarins Instant Concealers in shades 02 and 01 around my eyes. I start with shade 02 as it works wonderfully as a corrector of sorts, and perfectly complements shade 01 which works to brighten up the area a bit. After I applied my concealer, I finished off my eyes with a very, very light lining of my upper lid using my Bare Minerals eyeshadow in shade Guru and used a bit of my NYX Doll Eye Mascara on my upper lashes only.
I topped off the look with some Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop, and my Bare Minerals Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter. As for my hair, it ended up being a happy coincidence that I also had my lazy day, wavy hair today as it's somewhat similar to Effy's look in the season.
While I wish I actually looked like Kaya Scodelario (unfortunately, I do not in the least) I've always been so inspired by her look, and ended up loving this easy, simple makeup for everyday wear.

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