Saturday, May 10, 2014

Touche Veloutee: A Review

 The Touche Veloutee from by Terry has been talked about all over the blogosphere. Created by Terry de Gunzberg, the creator of the famous Touche Eclat, created her own line, and the Touche Veloutee is basically a bigger, better version of the cult favorite. As someone with super dark circles, I had heard all about this little gem, which has been raved about by just about every blogger out there. I was held back by the crazy expensive price tag ($58 for a concealer is definitely pricey), but finally bit the bullet after getting it off of BeautyBar for 15% off with free shipping. What can I say, couldn't resist!
There are only three shades in this guy, which is a major disappointment. All three are fairly light, which really is a bummer for darker skinned girls who would want to try this. There's Porcelain (a very light, pink-toned color), Cream (this one is a very light, yellow-toned color) and finally Beige (for lack of a better term, this is a light, beige color). I was very indecisive on whether to choose Cream or Beige, but ended up going with Beige because Cream looked a little too light for under my eyes, and I'd rather look a little more natural than have reverse-raccoon eyes.
While I was apprehensive, upon trying out Beige I'm glad it's the one I chose! It provides natural looking coverage while still highlighting. Because of its yellow-tone I feel that Cream would be better for highlighting around the face (for me at least) and Beige has more of a salmon-pink undertone which helps cancel out the darkness underneath my eyes.
Anyways, I am seriously loving this stuff! For the price, I knew it would have to be luxurious, but the formula truly is unlike anything I have ever tried. It's a wonderful light consistency that packs a punch with some serious coverage. Unlike the sheer coverage of most concealers, I would consider this a definite medium coverage concealer/highlighter. It's hydrating, light, and does not sink into fine lines int eh least. It dries down to a wonderful luminously matte finish, and is the first highlighter I've used that not only doesn't dry out my undereye area, but actually hydrates it! Right now I have some seriously bad dark circles, so I layer this over my Origins Quick, Hide! Concealer (in Light/Medium) but the coverage on this is good enough that I feel I could even get away with wearing it alone on days where I don't need much coverage. I'm also glad I went with the Beige color because I think it'll be perfect for summer days where I'm a little tanner and want to brighten underneath my eyes without looking crazy.
Overall, other than the horrible color range and hefty price tag, I have nothing but praise for this beauty. It's the best concealer/highlighter hybrid I've ever tried, providing coverage and luminosity without even having sparkles! While the price is quite scary, I'm glad I took the plunge, especially since at 0.22 oz (versus 0.1 oz for YSL Touche Eclat) I think it'll be lasting me a long time.

Anyone else tried this guy out? Let me know in the comments!


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