Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Weird Facts) About Me 1234

I remember in middle school, the first day of classes we used to have ice breakers like two truths and a lie. I always had trouble thinking of interesting things on the spot, so usually went with my old reliables: the facts that I have three younger brothers and that my mom was born in England. Not really all that interesting, but I sometimes managed to trip people up into thinking they were lies. Anyways, my whole point of that spiel is that I'm gonna do a post of four (interesting? Maybenotreally?) things about me.

1. I will do almost anything for candy. I have the ultimate sweet tooth, and usually my sugar-y cravings are for sweets that no one else really cares for. Razzles and Pez are my go-tos, and usually they're given to me by friends that received them and have no interest. This is not to say that I am picky with my candy, quite the opposite. Anything that's filled with sugar and unhealthy garbage will easily be consumed by me. I have no idea how I'm not five million pounds, I'm pretty sure it defies the laws of science and that I should be studied.

2. When I was younger I always desperately wanted a nickname, but to this day I still don't really have one. Early on, it was discovered that shortening my name (Morgan) resulted in the nickname "Morg". And even as a youngster, I did not want to be nicknamed after a place where dead bodies are stored. Strange of me, I know. I was occasionally called "Mo" as well, but that reminds me too much of The Three Stooges. So yeah there really aren't many nickname options for me, a fact that tormented me in my youth. 

3. I have a freckle in one of my eyes. There's not too much to say about this one, but it's definitely something strange. I've had a freckle in my eye my entire life, and it often results in people starting at my eye for a long period of time before asking me about it. Fun stuff.

4. My next door neighbor is a hooker. I can sincerely say that that is a sentence I would never have imagined myself typing, but alas it's a true. My roommate and I live next to a hooker who, by all accounts, is OCD with cleaning and also a habitual liar. I could go on and on about the character that lives in the apartment over, because she's certainly provided many stories for my roommate and myself. Instead I'll just tell a little story about my first encounter with The Hooker (I don't know her name, so I will refer to her this way from now on). When I first moved into the apartment, my roommate had been there for awhile and had suspicions about our neighbor's occupation. My parents were helping me move everything inside the apartment when there was a knock at the door. I went to open it, with no makeup on and looking like a sweaty mess, and was confused to see a little old man at the door. He immediately looked disappointed upon seeing my appearance (just a bit of a blow to my confidence) and asked if I was the woman he called from the website. Before I could answer, The Hooker opened her door and pulled him inside. So yeah, I'll try not to take it too personally that the man was so clearly disappointed by my appearance, but it made for a lovely first impression to my neighbor's career.

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