Monday, April 14, 2014

Treasure Hunt #1

For years now I have been a huge fan of scouring the web for beauty and lifestyle blogs. There are so, so many creative minds out there, and I can't tell you how much inspiration I've gotten for beauty and style looks from some of these folks. In fact, I have many of these bloggers to thank for inspiring me to finally go ahead and start a blog of my own, which had been a long time dream.
There are so many talented bloggers out there that I decided to start a weekly series to share some of my favorite bloggers on the web. I could never fit all my favorites in one post, so it seemed like a fun idea to share some of my absolute favorites over time so other people could check out these fantastic sites. So without further ado, here are three wonderful blogs I've found and love.

This is probably my most frequently visited blog. The blog includes some lovely photography, wonderful reviews and great tutorials that all equate to a fantastic daily read. I bought my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and NARS Tinted Moisturizer solely because of of Kate's reviews, so I have her to thank for the two best bases I've ever owned in all my years of makeup wearing! This is a truly one of the best blogs I've come across throughout the years, and I would highly recommend it! Kate also started the fabulous site Nouvelle Daily, which is a website everyone should check out!

 A Day in the Life of a Northern Girl
This blog is one of my newest daily reads, but with some gorgeous photography and lovely writing it is one that I've been going back to time and time again! There are some fantastic reviews on the blog, as well as some wonderful makeup advice. I actually came across the blog while looking for advice on covering up dark circles, and I was hooked. The blog reviews both high end and drugstore beauty finds, which is something I both love and appreciate. This blog was truly a treasure to find, and one that I am so happy to have come upon!

Skunkboy Blog
This was actually one of the first blogs that I began reading on a daily basis, if you can believe that. The blog was created by the wonderful Katie and includes fantastic photography of her daily life and outfits. Katie always looks gorgeous and pus together amazing outfits, but for me I think my favorite part of her blog is getting to read about her daily life and wonderful family! It sounds strange to say that about someone I have never personally met, but Katie's writing as well as her amazing photos make for a wonderfully accessible blog that everyone should be reading.

I have Bloglovin to thank for all of these wonderful finds, and for the many other truly great blogs I have had the pleasure of finding through the site. Even if you don't have a blog of your own, I highly recommend creating an account so you can look through the many blog options out there, as well as having a fantastically easy way to keep up to date on all the blogs at once.

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  1. Awh, I think it's so kind of you to be featuring other peoples blogs on your own! Nice :)


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