Thursday, April 10, 2014

The AmaZing VitaZing

I've mentioned Origins VitaZing several times before, so I figure it's about time to do a review about it. VitaZing is described as an "energy-boosting" moisturizer by Origins, and contains ingredients such as Ginseng, Mangosteen and Chestnut Seed Extract. These ingredients apparently have some great skin invigorating properties and yada yada yada. I can't specifically speak to all of these ingredients, but I can tell you about my experience with the product.

The lotion comes out white originally but when applied it blends into your skin, evening out skintone and providing a gorgeous glow. Basically it provides a bit of a natural looking temporary tan, without looking too severe. As you can see in the before and after shot above, the lotion cancelled out some of the redness in my hand while evening out the skin tone and giving it a lovely glow.

The images above don't really do justice for how much of a difference this product makes, and how beautiful a color it provides to your skin. I've been wearing this moisturizer underneath my NARS Tinted Moisturizer, and have had people comment on how much my skin was glowing, During the winter my skin is almost translucently pale, so as we go into Spring this is a wonderful transition piece that will give your skin a hint of color without looking overwhelming.

The one downside with this product is that it only comes in one shade, so while it's marketed as being useable for all skintones I have to wonder how well it would hold up on someone with very fair or darker skin. That said, for those with a light to medium skintone this product is absolutely fantastic and I would encourage anyone looking for a glowing, dewy finish to your skin to go out and buy this immediately.


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