Thursday, April 3, 2014

My (Not So) Secret Concealer Stash

I've made it pretty clear that I'm a bit of a concealer hoarder. I'm constantly trying to cover up the crazy dark circles that I was genetically blessed with, and so on my quest I've collected a rather embarrassing number of concealers. That being said, putting all of these together for a picture was still a somewhat revealing and embarrassing task. I guess the first step is admitting to an addiction?

Anyways, if I'm being totally honest this actually is not even the entire stash. I also have some cream concealers and correctors from Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier that I forgot to add to the picture, but they are both options I use often (I also will admit to having just bought Origins Planscription Concealer today, so the stash continues to grow).

When someone has extreme dark circles, it's usually recommended they use a cream concealer because of it's thick consistency and full coverage. I own several cream concealers that are fantastic, most notably Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer which is available in an array of shades and is amazing for it's ability to cover and keep the delicate eye area hydrated at the same time. During the winter, cream concealers are my go-to because of both their hydration and wonderful coverage. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that my undereyes are at their darkest during the winter due to my increasingly pale skin and the dry weather. The one negative for cream based concealers is that I find they are much more susceptible to creasing and settling in any lines underneath your eyes, even ones you might not have known existed.

The concealers I tend to go back to time and time again are liquid concealers. While many liquid concealers can have great medium coverage, more often then not they are not as full coverage as cream concealers can be. However, the trade-off is that the right liquid concealer can be hydrating, provide decent coverage and will not crease or settle into fine lines. Often they can also be layered and built up to get more coverage.

When I first started wearing concealer, all I wanted was to cover my dark circles up at whatever cost. If I said I no longer felt this way, I would be lying, however I have kind of come to terms with the fact that it's part of who I am, and that the best thing to do is embrace the flaw. My usual concealer routine now includes the application of eye cream, then a liquid concealer followed by a highlighter to brighten the area. You can still see some darkness, but the coverage is better than nothing. More then that, the liquid consistency looks more natural versus the cream concealers. The tradeoff might be a little bit of coverage, but I think I'll take the slightly mor enatural look any day.


  1. I might give the Laura Mercier one a go, I have dry skin so I'd love a concealer that gently moisturises while it conceals! I love posts like these :)

    Ellie xx |

    1. I would definitely recommend it, it covers so well and has a ton of awesome shade options! Let me know how you like it if you try it out! :)


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