Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Forever Repurchased

As a beauty lover, I'm always trying out some new kind of makeup. Because of this, I have a bad habit of never finishing the makeup I do have. There aren't many items that I have (or will) repurchase, simply because I haven't used them enough to run out any time soon! However, there are a handful of gems that I absolutely adore that I plan to continue to keep in my stock pile.

Maybelline Baby Skin has a slightly off-putting name, but once I got past that there was nothing bad I could say about this primer. It's said to be a dupe for Benefit Pore-Fessional, but I can honestly say having tried both that I prefer the Maybelline version by a long shot. It's a clear, silicone consistency that provides a flawlwess base for your foundation/tinted moisturizer/etc. It claims to be a "pore eraser" and while I don't think there's a product on earth that can completely "erase" your pores from view, this does a great job of evening out the skin's texture to help provide a flawless finish. It's also a heck of a deal, as I bought mine for under $6 at Walgreens! At such a good price and with some great attributes, there's really no reason for me not to buy this again and again.

Next up is another drugstore purchase, and that's my Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm. Since I have dry lips, I need something that provides moisture as well as color, and this guy from Almay does the trick. It truly provides more hydration for my lips then I ever expected from a drugstore brand, and the colors are always so nice (I own several, but my current favorite is Apricot Pucker). It's not the longest lasting, but I do get a bit of wear out of it, and it's so easy to carry around for touch-ups. Add to that the fact that it only costs $5 or so at CVS, and it's a winner in my book!

I know I've talked about NARS Tinted Moisturizer in just about every post. But it's because it is so good! I cannot emphasize enough just how much love I have for this base, and how thankful I am it came into my life (let's pretend I'm not talking about a makeup product in the same sincerety I would a personal relationship, slightly embarrassing). It really does provide everything I've always looked for in a base: lightweight, sheer-to-light coverage, with an added dewy glow finish. It's defintely on the more expensive side of things, at a cost of $42 for a 1.9oz tube, but you don't need much of the product to cover your whole face. I'm always willing to spend a bit more on base products, such as bases and concealers, because I see it as making an investment in a high quality product that I'll be using on a daily basis. The rest of my routine changes all the time, so spending less on a mascara or lip gloss makes more sense to me. NARS is also a cruelty-free brand who use some great ingredients in their products. I have sensitive skin, and have not had any problems with this TM (although I will say it does have a bit of a fragrance, which might irritate some people's skin -- always something to consider).

The last two are products that I have also mentioned on the blog before. My Origins Quick Hide! Concealer and Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush are two things I have been reaching for on a daily basis. The concealer is fantastic for its coverage and creaseless finish, and provides a great base for layering other concealers on top of. It's also what I would consider a "mid-end" price, as at $16 it's far less expensive then some of the higher-end prices, but it also is a bit more expensive then drugstore products. As for the blush, I could honestly go on and on about my love for this guy. I've been using the shade Blissful on a daily basis, and it adds just the right amount of a beautiful pop of coral to my cheeks, giving me a little bit of definition and color as my pale-ass skin transitions into Spring. I've barely even made a dent in it, so while I plan to repurchase this once I'm done I don't see that happening for a long, long time!

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