Thursday, April 24, 2014

Current Skincare Routine

I have a confession to make. Up until fairly recently, I rarely had any sort of skincare routine or really did much of anything besides taking my makeup off at night (gasp!). I was pretty blessed during my teenage years to have pretty clear, normal skin that didn't require much maintenance. I didn't start wearing makeup until high school (which is kind of crazy to think about now) so I never did much for my skin other than washing my face.
Unfortunately, my skin has gotten a lot more problematic in recent years. My once normal skin type has changed to more of a dry combination, and my once blemish-free skin is no more. I really cannot complain too much because my skin is still not terribly problematic, but it does require more maintenance then it once did.
My morning skincare routine is fairly simple, I usually just use a toner and then moisturize my face with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or Clinique Moisture Surge (a truly fantastic moisturizer I'd recommend to anyone with drier skin). Most of my heavy skincare comes at night, because I prefer to leave it on as I sleep. Recently I've begun using Rosehip Oil as I had heard it works fantastically on acne scars, something I desperately am fighting to get rid of. I picked up the Lanoline Rosehip Oil when I saw it in TJ Maxx, and it truly has been wonderful. Eventually I plan on buying the Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil as I hear it's absolutely fantastic, but for now the Lanoline version gets the job done which is all I can ask for.
After letting the Rosehip Oil dry down a bit, I layer up with some moisture by using either my Josie Maran Argan Oil or Tarte Marajuca Oil. I find both of these fantastic, and would truly recommend them to any and every one. While they work fantastically on my dry skin, I've heard incredible results from people of every skin type with both of these little gems, so I'd really recommend looking into them if you're looking to try a facial oil!
Finally, I finish off with an eye cream. This is a very important step for me due to my dark circles and the thin skin underneath my eyes. Currently I'm using the Dr. Weil for Origins Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimizer (jeez that's a mouthful) and loving it, but I'm always trying out new eye creams that can help out with my dark circle problem (and I'm more than open to any suggestions!).
So there you have it, that is my current skincare routine. As I've just recently become more interested in skincare I'm really experimenting with any and everything (which is why many of my products are deluxe sample sizes), so my skincare routine is constantly changing. I love trying out anything new, so if anyone has any suggestions on products I should be using be sure to leave it in the comments below!

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